Georgia’s Christening in Greece




Sunday the 16th August, ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE had the opportunity to photograph a special little girls Christening.  The scenery was absolutely magical with the church located inside of a 500m tall cliff.
Kremasti Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery located near the archaeological area Of Olympia. This Monastery is located 15 klm’s away from Olympia. Virgin Mary Monastery was founded in the early 1700 AC and took the name “Kremasti” as the local shepherds found the holy virgin Mary hagiographic  image hanging from the ceiling of a cave, that is why the holy temple of the monastery is built inside the cave. The Monastery is one of the best Christian orthodox sightseeing’s of the Ileia Prefecture.

 Nowadays, the monastery is fully operational where inside 10 nuns are living and praying.

It was a beautiful 35 degree afternoon in the southern part of Greece with some seriously happy parents.  The Priest started off with the godparents at the front door by saying a few prayers to the child and  guided the godparents on their duties for little Georgia.  The godparents accepted their responsibilities and continued onto completing the ceremony.

christening photography greece

The temperature inside the church would have reached at least 50 degrees, i was absolutely drenched.  Shooting in this heat was a challenge on its own. The church was filled with over 200 people which didn’t make the job any easier but the atmosphere was beautiful. The stunning intricate detail that surrounded us easily helped me to shift my attention away from the heat.

Once the ceremony finished, we went onto the reception. Set in the magnificent outdoor venue of Ktima Tritsimpida, such a gorgeous location! The setting was filled with beautiful decor of candles, drapery and even a little church!

The party continued into the early hours of the morning with plenty of eating, drinking and dancing on the tables.

Congratulations to the parents and godparents on the Christening of Georgia, may she be blessed with all the love and happiness in the world!

Thank you for having ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE in Greece to be a part of this special day.


Photography : Con Tsioukis



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