Married At First Sight Season 2 – Erin & Bryce

Erin & Bryce – Married at first sight Season 2

We had the absolute pleasure to photograph the very anticipated “Married at first sight Australia Season 2!”

The show is about eight singles that get paired up, based on science by professional psychologists, and get “married at first sight”. Bryce married at first sight

We shot the first season for couple Roni & Michael and were super excited when we were called back for the second series!

This time around our gorgeous couple were Erin & Bryce.

Thursday 5th November 2015 was a beautiful sunny afternoon – perfect for a wedding! 

We arrived at Overnewton Castle, an 1849 historical homestead that is used vastly for private functions, predominately weddings. Set on five acres of beautiful gardens we were pleased to have some gorgeous backdrops for our photos!

married at first sight season 2We met with the channel 9 team & were given clear instruction on what photos we were to capture and the basic do’s and dont’s while being amongst the quiet but somewhat chaotic film crew.

Sitting in a small room eagerly waiting for the day to begin, we met our groom Bryce.

Bryce was a really nice guy, laid back and easy going. Bryce explained his stint on the show first started when his brother entered him in to be a part of the Channel 9 controversial series. He was wrapped when he got a call from the producers as he didn’t think anything was to eventuate!enrik limousines

After hearing that EnrikLimousines were on their way with our bride-to-be and her bridesmaids(looking absolutely stunning by Magical Makeovers), we hurried outside so that we could capture the very first moments of Erin’s arrival. 

The limo pulled up and Erin wouldn’t get out – her nerves were getting the better of her! After some coaxing from her bridesmaids, Erin finally gathered the courage to exit the car and make her grand entrance into her most memorable day of her entire life!

married at first sight season 2We captured some awesome shots of Erin & Bryce as they met for the very first time at the altar. Afterwards we walked through the stunning gardens of Overnewton castle and took many more cool shots of the newlyweds! Surprisingly they were quite relaxed and looked like they had known each other for years! – we guess that’s thanks to the very talented experts that matched up this cute couple! 

We would like to thank Channel 9 and Married at first sight for having us be a part of such an awesome day full of fun, surprises and another cool insight into the behind the scenes fun of a reality tv show! We would also like to wish Erin and Bryce the very best of luck as they enter into this very special journey of being “Married at first sight”!!!